5 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Blog


Bloggers need traffic. More page views=more exposure=more opportunities=more chances to start making money.

But how do we get more traffic?

I’ve been blogging for over 4 years and have certainly learned different strategies. Some work and some don’t. Today I’m sharing 5 effective ways to instantly boost your page views.

Comment On Other Blogs

A lot of bloggers fail to do this and I was one of this bloggers for a long time. To help boost your blog’s exposure you have to comment on other blogs. This is one of those laws of reciprocation. You have to give to get. It doesn’t hurt that as a bonus, you might even make a blogger friend!

Post On Social Media

This should be one of the first things you do right after publishing your blog posts. Hit up Twitter + Facebook and make sure to tweet multiple times a day, so it has a better chance of being seen.

One tool I’ve recently started using is Buffer.  It’s a social media managing program that I use to schedule my social posts.This has become very useful for me because it saves time and pushes out my content throughout the day. There are other tools, I just happen to use Buffer and love it.

Pinterest Pinterest Pinterest

I have been pretty bad about this one. So please, do as I say not as I do on this one. I will be working on my Pinterest posting in the next month. Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration and to drive traffic to your blog. Post tools you use, pictures you love, links to your blog.


Search engine optimization may seem really scary, but trust me–it’s a lot easier than you think. If you have a WordPress blog, you can start by installing the Yoast plugin. This tool makes it very easy to start implementing SEO into your blog. Plus, they email out lots of great reading material for subscribers that will help you make the best blog EVA! It’s a great way to bring in organic traffic straight from search engines like Google. And once you optimize your posts, you don’t have to do anything else…Except to continue to post and comment and link…

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are A-MAY-ZING for traffic. Find a few in your niche and start sharing your content on the daily threads. Just make sure to follow the rules, or risk getting kicked out. Most groups have daily promo threads to share your links, but PLEASE make sure to engage with other users.

So, there you have it. 5 super easy ways to boost your page views.

Are you struggling with anything at the moment, traffic wise? Have you recently written an awesome post, but didn’t get the feedback and attention you were hoping for? Email me and let’s figure out why.


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