Insecurity is so stupid!



I need to tell you this right now. Insecurity is about as stupid as a thing can be. I have been tweaking my blog today and wanted a profile picture, And really wanted a picture that looked as gorgeous as some other blogs I have seen. Melyssa Griffin comes to mind. Amy Lynn Andrews is another. Not only are they beautiful but they both have a beautiful blog. Another woman I found recently is XO Sarah’s blog. I love the simple design and good information.

So, there I was in my study fumbling with my camera and trying to take a nice selfie for this blog. I would take a picture and then look at the picture: My nose looks huge! Click, another picture, take a look: Gawd, look at those wrinkles! And down a rabbit hole of self-loathing, I went. Until I got fed up. I had my husband come in and take a picture and it looked great. Well, I still saw what I perceived as flaws but that is just dumb. I am over 40, I am going to have wrinkles and not-so-perfect skin.

So, my point is, sometimes you need help. Sometimes you just need to accept the wonderful you. So, go out there and blog, damnit!


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