How to Make Your Blog Rock!


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Make your blog about your audience.

Design and write your blog posts so they focus on your readers. The people. The ones you want to entertain, inform, and enlighten.

Now, my passion is getting you started blogging. That and Taekwondo… Have I told you I have a black belt? I know you are busy but you have a duty to create the best blog you can. To do that, you need to follow a few principles.

Get Started Writing and Don’t Write Crap.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Blogs are great fun and don’t cost a lot. So, get started. However, that get started sentiment comes with a caveat. I want you to put thought into your blog. The worst blogs are the ones that are thrown together with little thought to their content or direction. IF you are at all interested in getting people beyond your family to look at your blog, then make your blog about them. Answer the question that your reader needs answered and do it well.

Focus Focus Focus.

It’s About You, Not me. Well, maybe it is a little bit about us.

This is the focus of your focus. If you want people to read your blog, make it about them. Think about what problem are you solving?

  • Is your blog a style blog? Then what to wear today,
  • Fitness blog: How to get fit in 15 minutes a day,
  • Home cleaning blog: How to clean in 15 minutes a day,
  • Make-up blog: The perfect eye-liner for your age.

You are solving a problem for your readers. Once you figure out that, your readership will grow.

So, you can’t leave here without some homework. Get your ideas notebook and find three blogs that you want to emulate. See how they solve a problem. What is their writing style like? Do they have a social media presence? How do they solve their reader’s problems? Find three blogs and then brainstorm on your blog and what problem you are solving.

No Cheesy Ad Clogged Pages.

Many new bloggers, and especially ones who are interested in monetizing their blog join every affiliate program and fill every space they can with ads. I know it is exciting to think that you can make money from your blog and that will come with good writing and good monetization techniques. No one wants to see a page with ads everywhere. They are an eyesore and quick way to lose readers. Obviously, a few ads are okay but see where your content takes you. Recently I added a side banner ad to see what would happen. I will let you know the results in a few weeks.

BlogDamnit Bottom Line: Create a well thought out, well-written, well designed (not an ad gallery) site to inform your readers. Still not sure what to write? Contact me and maybe I can help.

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