The Big Idea

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So let’s begin by blogging. I always feel that the first step is the first step. The thing that people get overwhelmed with is… you guessed it, the first step. So, I have to ask you, where are you in your blogging journey. For me, the first step was the idea. But where do you get the ideas? Well, I have a few posts for you to read on that subject:

Both of these blogs are fantastic places to find lots of information on blogging and how to get started. I really like Blog Tyrant because he once had a promotion where you could send him a link to your blog and he would give you some pointers on what to add or take away or basically fix. He won a reader for life in me. Amy Lynn Andrews is the creator of the Knowtbook which is a fantastic resource. While on her site, I recommend also signing up for her UseLetter, a great source of information on blogging and typeface and all kinds of interesting internet tips.

Now that you have read those, I will tell you that I bet you already know what you want to blog about, you just have a bit of fear holding you back. So, I want you to write down a few ideas and sleep on it. In the morning, pick one and start your blog. If you are not sure how to start a blog, email me and I can help direct you to the right place. It is pretty easy and you will be well on your way in about an hour..okay, maybe two.

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