What My Shower Should Tell You About Blogging


Do you have an inspiration or idea notebook?

You should. And I am going to tell you why. Because great ideas happen when you least expect them. I find that inspiration strikes when I am in the car or in the shower or somewhere where I don’t have a pen and paper.

I am always thinking in the shower and find it a great place to let my mind wander. Undoubtedly I will have a fantastic idea hit me while I am in the shower. So now, I have outthought my very sneaky brain and I keep a small sticky note pad in the bathroom with a pen. When I have a great idea, I just write it down after my shower. Ha! Take that brain.

So, what I want you to do is:

  • Get a notebook and keep it with you. A small enough one to keep with you.
  • Get a pen or two you like. I happen to love these Sharpie pens. (Yes, the link is an affiliate link.)

For whatever reason, I am a very pen-specific person. I use the above sharpies all the time and they are the only pen I like to use. I am also a notebook junkie and will spend hours pouring over what the correct notebook might be.

If you are totally digital, then make sure you make notes in a note app on your phone. I happen to like Evernote and Google Keep. They take anywhere apps and easy to use.

Bottom Line:

Get a notebook or use an app. I just want you to start brainstorming ideas. Tell me what you use to jot down all the fabulous ideas you have! I always respond to emails.

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