How to Write A Kickin’ Blog Post Once a Week

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I Post to my blog once a week.

My other time is spent working at a 9-5, watching Netflix marvel’s shows, and pretending to be a ninja. (I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.)

Ever look back at your week, and wonder what happened? Once a week sounds easy enough; you can do that, right?

Much like my cleaning schedule, my blog writing schedule used to get away from me.

When my cleaning gets away from me the next thing I know, I have laundry piled up and dust bunnies laughing at me from the corners of my living room. Blog posts are very similar. 

Are you struggling to find time to write a blog post? Does blogging feel like an enormous task? (P.S. If it does, you may have the wrong topic. Do some research on picking a niche you love and come back here if you remember where I am…)

Some blogs that can help you are:


Now that you have figured out you have the right topic to blog about, let’s get back to that writing schedule. The way to committing to a blogging schedule is not hard and it is not rocket science. You just have to turn it into small easy tasks.

Day 1. Start your blog post

Get your notebook for brainstorming and mindmap ideas for blog post ideas.

If you don’t even understand the words that I just typed, then you need to schedule 30 minutes for a brainstorming session first. Then, when you have time, go HERE for a post on getting and using an idea notebook.

Think about what problems you can solve for your ideal reader.

Write down as many ideas as you can in 30 minutes. No judgment, just write. Keep all your ideas on a list, and add ideas whenever people ask questions or provide useful comments on your blog. If you keep your eyes and ears open, you won’t need to do a brainstorming session very often because there is tons material out in the blogosphere or at work or the grocery store.

Day 2. First draft day.

I enjoy writing the first draft. There is no pressure for it to be a good post and I can write all the stuff that is accumulating in the back of my brain. I try writing first drafts at night before bed when I am a bit sleepy. At that time my mind doesn’t have enough energy to rebel. 

Here’s how I write the first draft:

  • The opening paragraph can feel hard to write so just put Opening Paragraph at the top.
  • Now write.
  • If you don’t know how you are going to end your piece, just write Closing Paragraph
  • Write as fast and as much as you can.

Day 3. Refine that awful mess you made yesterday.

Think about your ideal reader and how your post is going to help him/her:

  • Your headline must grab attention; it can make the difference between an unread post and a popular post. Write a few headline options, because your first option is rarely the best.
  • Nobody reads a post with a drab opening, so your opening must tempt visitors to read on. The best format for blog openings is to empathize with your reader’s problem and promise him that you solve it in his post.
  • Your closing paragraph must inspire your reader to take action. That fear and indecision that was holding you back before you started a blog, well, that is holding your readers back too. Help your reader take action or give them a pep talk.

Day 4. Really edit your post.

Most of the stuff can be cut away, re-worked, straightened up and tweaked. You may be thinking you have a piece of art but trust me, a lot can be taken out. These are your main editing tasks:

  • Give your post a headline
  • Make your writing stronger
  • Add questions and prompts to engage your reader
  • Check for grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Treat your post as if you are reading someone else’s. How would you work it to make it better?

Day 5. Post that sucker.

  • Format your post in WordPress
  • Add links from a few old blog posts to your new blog post (and from your new blog post to a few old blog posts)

Don’t forget to pat yourself on your back for publishing your post! And don’t forget to do it all over again!

Do you need a notebook? Do you need inspiration? Do you need help? I respond to email so please reach out but only after you have a working first draft!

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